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And they lived happily ever after…

We were late to get up and late in getting to Hyde Park, but in the end it all worked out. We watched the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on big screens with 100,000 of our new best friends. Union Jack flags covered the landscape as young girls ran around in old wedding dresses (apparently, left over from their hen parties, a.k.a. bachelorette party) and men sported English flags and Burger King crowns. Cheers went up all around us as the couple wed and we got right in on the action, sharing some British pride with a few gals in gowns. They even named us Brits for the day! And when they announced Will and Kate as married cannons fired confetti into the air and surrounded us as everyone danced and cheered!

After the wedding we hung around in Hyde Park to celebrate with dancing, a massive conga line and some food and drinks. With the cheering continuing as the new couple went to the balcony of Buckingham Palace and kissed for the first time in public. Everyone went wild!!! We continued to dance and cheer with others and enjoy the outfits, with our day topped off by watching Will and Kate drive off from Buckingham, it was all really cute.

One of the most interesting thing was that the wedding brought together both royalists and those indifferent to the monarchy, for one day everyone was united and enjoying the festivities.

But, by far, the highlight of the day occurred quite randomly. The band performing in Hyde Park did a contest of the best wedding songs – they played samples from 5 popular wedding songs, with the crowd voting Aerosmith’s ‘I don’t want to Miss a Thing’ as their favorite. They then performed the full version asking everyone to dance. And as Miguel and I danced together, this women came up behind us and tapped me on the sholder and with a very stern face she said, “My dear, I think you are in love.” And then she smiled at me. I smiled back at her and said, “Why, yes. Yes, I am.” In love in London.