About Us

This is a blog about an American girl and a Portuguese boy who met and fell in love in Rome, Italy and have moved to London, UK.

This blog is named wanderlust because of the passion, no need, we share for travel. And how it has played, and continues to play, an important role in our relationship.

This blog is a record of our move to London after months spent apart in a state of uncertainty about when we would reunited.

This blog is our record of our life in London and the adventures and travels we choose to share with our families and friends.

This is a blog where you’ll find a mix of photos of beautiful parksĀ outrageous outfits seen on the tube.

This is a blog where the best advice for moving to London (collected by us and influenced by our experiences) will be shared. You’ll find banking information, ow to get a cheap phone or the best iPhone plan, how to deal with the massive (and expensive) transportation system and so on.

This is the blog where you will get a little taste of London through our eyes.

So grab your Wellies, your Oyster and make sure to pop to the loo, because it’s tally ho from here on out!

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