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Tunisian paradise

As I stand on the shores of Tunis and I look out across the Mediterranean Sea I wonder how many others have stood on these shores dreaming of the other side. From my spot I can see the rock island of Zembra National Park and miles beyond I know lay the shores of Sicily.

Tunis is a beautiful city – gritty, chaotic, noisy, overwhelming and hot. A day in the city and on its streets leaves you with the ring of car horns in your ears and the slightest layer of dust on everything that you own. And I love it.

But I’m different. I know I can leave tomorrow and stay gone. It’s even different for the Tunisians. France is both literally and figuratively close. But for the Sub-Saharan Africans that track through countries, across deserts and hurl themselves into the sea, the story is different.

So yes, as I stand on the shores of the private beach of the hotel I am staying in, I cannot help but feel the contrast between my hopes and dreams and those of my migrant counterparts and their hopes and dreams. It only goes to prove that even vacation destinations are all relative. My vacation is another person’s prison.


Carly turns 30!

The party's over...Me & my boys!bottoms up!All my men!No wordsOh myyyyy!
Naughty thingsHello loverUs :)This is how we do it...American-French peace treatyAll of us!
All together nowAmerican girlsGood timesHello Yellow!Me & my twins
Girl timeDoes this work?My british buddy!Chests out!Now be serious.

A big year, a big party and big photos!

The famous white cliffs of Dover – April 2013

White cliffsBrunchHello there! What a soup!Ready? Set? Go!The beach archBlueGreen
White cliffsHappyyyyThe oldest lighthouse in the UKInside the oldest lighthouse in the UKInside the oldest lighthouse in the UKWindy day
Great BritainPeeking over the hillA special towerIMG_3596White cliffsMoss

A trip to one of the most iconic parts of the UK.

A food tour in London

Old importsA proper English restaurant3 is companyThe barTicketsOld Jewish Soup Kitchen
Old Jewish Soup KitchenOld meets newMemories of an industrial townWhere to go next?NicoleAndrouet
AndrouetAndrouetFish and chips at PoppysMushy peasWorking PoppysFalling A
ShuttersKnock on meOld reflectionsWindows 5Pretty floorThe rose

A food tour in London, a set on Flickr.

A yummy walk through East London

Colombia – March 2013

TraditionalKathy's familyKathy's familyProtest graffitiPigeonsColombians: The weapons have given us independence, the laws will give us freedom
Cartagena - The economic society of the friends of the countryCartagenaCartagenaCartagenaThe world in grainsThe till
CamerasMirrorsColombia coloursColombia coloursPlayersColombia colours
Colombia coloursColombia coloursColombia coloursBicyclesBicyclesBicycles

Colombia – March 2013, a set on Flickr.

Our trip to Colombia for Kathy’s wedding.

Oxford – February 2013

Ghost trainThe walkwaySt- Helens PassageLooking outOne of the biggest libraries in the worldOur walking tour
An English door (one at a time)Raindrops IIRaindropsImportancePhilosophy schoolWeather meter
The world in your handRegius ProfessorCarly excited about the Pitt Rivers MuseumA beautiful museumReady? Go!Lady bug

Oxford – February 2013, a set on Flickr.

Our trip to the city of knowledge back in February.

Jordan – 01/2013

Amman - CitadelAmman - CitadelAmman - CitadelAmmanAmman - Citadel - Playing by the old water reservoirAmman - Citadel
Amman - CitadelAmman - CitadelAmman - Citadel - Walking outAmman - CitadelAmman - CitadelAmman - Citadel
AmmanVery old DaggerAmmanAmman GraffitisColourful stairsAmphitheatre in Amman - marks of the blood from where the heads were decapitated in old times
Carly and her Lonely Planet at the Amphitheatre in AmmanMadaba Church mosaicsMadaba Church mosaicsMadaba Church mosaicsMadaba Church mosaicsMadaba Church mosaics

Jordan – 01/2013, a set on Flickr.

Amman and Petra with snow in between.

London life

Wet pictureA different bikeStoke Newington Church StreetRoses by St. Mary's Church of England ChurchReflections of Manor HouseThe kids pool
SlugOutside schoolThe deer of Manor HouseThe deer of Manor HouseWhen paths convergePhoto wall
BrunchCou-cou!BrunchBrunchCarly and the OlympicsThe Olympics
Carly and the OlympicsFaces and strawberriesFaces and strawberriesFaces and strawberriesFaces and strawberriesFaces and strawberries

London life, a set on Flickr.

New photos in the London Life photo set :)